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ROAR imageThe old saying that no-one ever wanted to become a journalist for the money, still holds true today. Often we wouldn’t win any popularity contests in the eyes of the general public either. But I’ve always believed being a hack can be an immense force for good. We reach into people’s lives and reflect what ‘real’ people want, feel and think. Journalism is all about working from the ground up – finding the story behind a press release, talking to people on the streets, giving them a powerful voice.

With this spirit in mind, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Karen Sherwood, chief executive of ROAR(Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance). The aims of ROAR are: to provide support for artists living and/or working in Rotherham, to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for schools statutory bodies, community groups and businesses wanting to access and employ artists, as well as to establish a sustainable independent working arts centre in Rotherham.

As we toured around the city centre, there were clear signs of deprivation – but we also met others who share Karen’s drive and passion to provide the people of Rotherham with a positive future, through the power of creativity. Now that’s really something to ROAR about.


Comments on: "Change begins from the ground up" (2)

  1. “One day, a preacher sees a desperate young man being pulled along by the current. The preacher reacts quickly, dives in and drags the man to safety.

    The next day, the scene repeats itself and the young preacher pulls a young woman from the river. The next day, two more.

    The preacher’s happiness at saving these lives is replaced with anxiety. So she decides to walk upsteam – she wants to find out who is pushing the people in.

    That’s what great journalists do: they walk upstream – and report back to the rest of us what they have seen.

    If more journalists were kind, legions would be tramping up river to look first hand at the problems of our cities, at the gap between rich and poor and what it means… tough work, but kind journalism.”

    From ‘A revolution in Kindness’ -‘What if journalists were kind. Edited by Anita Roddick


  2. indeed – i guess we have reporters, and then we have journalists – each perform a *role* – tho vastly different outcomes.

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