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With the New Year just days old, I can appreciate why many of us, sick of our austerity-ridden times, can’t wait to herald in a bright new, shiny decade of hopes, dreams and promises with a flurry of fireworks (even though we apparently haven’t decided what these ‘inbetween’ years will be called yet!)

While I’m not blinded by this starry-eyed thinking, I’m more than ready to look to this inspirational light in my professional life. I’d be deep in SBO territory(stating the bleeding obvious as my former ex-Fleet Street journalism tutor would quip) if I told you the only way small business owners, sole traders and freelancers like myself can survive this economic fall-out is to adapt and diversify our skills and services to the ever-changing business landscape.

On top of this more general trend, during 2009 I watched the media industry I’ve worked solidly in for 12 years morph again and again. The emergence of free newspapers, rising tide of online news & entertainment, citizen journalism, the blogorati, social networking….

None of these elements alone are new threats to the status and security of traditional print journalists. But once the strength and combined measure of this heady mix is stirred, will many one-trick hacks be left too shaken? For some, this communications cocktail could be too much to stomach, or even prove lethal.

So, spurred on by my survival instincts, this week I’m launching a new strand to my business.

From now on, I’ll wear two writing hats – one will remain in journalism and the other will supply copywriting, PR, marketing and media consultancy services to the corporate world.

After completing a brilliant commercial writing course in November, run by Linda Jones and Carol Garrington of Passionate Media, my metaphorical pen is primed, precise and brimming over with purpose.

Here’s to a successful 2010 for all!


Comments on: "Ringing in the new decade with a commercial bang" (7)

  1. cathy gauthier said:

    Survival of the fittest, re-invent, morphing….it’s all so complicated these days trying to keep ahead of the pack that’s continually nipping at one’s heels. With your energy, disipline and enthusiasm Stella, you’ll be the Alpha female, the one doing the nipping. The one leading the way out ahead of all others. 2010 will prove your pen to be prolific! Or should I say your keyboard! All the best Stella!

  2. You could always return to London, disguise yourself as a boy and seek your fortune. Hurrah!

    Whatever you do, you’ll be brilliant at it. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Power to your pen in o-ten!

  3. Hey Stella – good luck with everything and please keep in touch and thanks a million for your kind words!

  4. Good luck with your second hat! I’ve been tempted in the past by one of Linda’s courses – I’m guessing you found it useful?

  5. Your can-do attitude is heartwarming. It has been all too easy to fall victim to the belief in scarcity but I fully believe that, whatever our situation or profession, success is attainable when we rise to the creative and technological challenges. I personally feel that we live in exciting times and, obviously Stella, you do too. Go girl!

  6. Well said! I think you might be giving lots of people lots of good ideas… Good luck with it all.

  7. Hi Stella, I’m there with you – it’s time to get on the bus or be left behind, or somesuch forward motion type metaphor.
    Good luck from another reformed inkophile. x

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