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Forgive me, dear readers, but this entry is long overdue. It’s been a busy old week in my world, for both pleasure and business. Watch this space for more news about my latest exciting projects in the world of work…
Right now, there’s something I need to get off my chest about the much-dreaded day, which seems to bring out cold sweats for hen-pecked husbands and lonely singletons in equal measure.
What is it about St Valentines Day which brings out the best, worst and everything inbetween in even the most levelled-head person? Where does all the pressure to give the ‘perfect’ gift to your significant other (if indeed you have one) or have the ‘ultimate’ romantic experience come from? Sure, advertisers certainly have a lot to answer for.
But theres more to it than that. To my mind this idealised, homogenised view of love we’re sold and seem to want to buy into, must also tap into something else – a more deep-seated human emotion to be valued, admired…hell even adored, by another person for 24 hours out of our increasingly-hectic lives perhaps? Some lucky people have this dynamic all the time anyway and probably take a day off on 14 February for good behaviour.
For everyone else, what’s the harm in getting poetic, romantic or downright dramatic, for one day out of 365? Put your feelings out to the universe and who knows what it may throw back at you. I know this idea may not sound very ‘British’ to some but the phrase no man is an island springs to mind. As does, you only live once.
As a species, we’re not designed to live entirely in isolation. This is the essence of Valentines Day which smarts like an open wound if you happen to be single when the date rolls around.
I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but no other official day of celebration invokes feelings of irrational inadequacy and sorrow in quite the same way. You don’t see hoardes of women who’ve yet to experience childbirth feeling compelled to shun away from the world on Mother’s Day do you?
Celine Dion CDs, padded pink cards, tacky heart-dotted boxer shorts…they’re all pandering to stereotypes I’ll never buy into, whatever day of the year it is or whatever my relationship status.
That’s why this Valentines, I chose to party while also indulging in one of my big love affairs – cake!
Held at the wonderfully-eclectic bookshop & cafe,The Rude Shipyard, Sheffield Cupids In Nooses was a lively two-day festival of live music, a poetry competition, high teas, magical interludes with a touch of burlesque thrown in for good measure.
Billed as an Anti-Valentines event, there was still lashings of heart and soul going round, especially as Cupids in Nooses raised money for Sheffield Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers (CDAS) through donations.
Keep on spreading the love!


Comments on: "Hey cupid, pass me that cupcake" (4)

  1. vicky orris said:

    tasty post our stel 🙂

  2. Stella, you hit the nail on the head here: Valentines has become much too commercialized and many of us (you) have fallen into the trap. Personally, I had hoped for a romantic evening on the beach this year but the weather even in Florida did not cooperate it was too cold for words. Candlelit dinner over a lousy glass of wine was all to be savoured – but we managed to stay away from the tentacles of imperialism despite the global warming fiascos.

  3. Nice post Stells. Just like the others on your site.

  4. cathy gauthier said:

    I don’t care what the occasion is, I’ll use it to my advantage and have a no cooking day from it. Even with my husband here on the “Love” day I still feel somewhat alone when a card is not produced from said loving spouse. We set ourselves up for disappointment I’m afraid. I supply myself with a lover. A chocolate lover that is, without my hubby suffering ab attack of jealousy in the process. I’ll take a day of no housework and cooking in exchange for not getting a card or a gift. But I must have my chocolate!

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