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You don’t need me to tell you what a rollercoaster of a fortnight it’s been! Just when you thought the ‘establishment’ couldn’t be on wobblier ground economically and socially, along comes ‘the will of the people’ to throw one almighty curve ball and, Bob’s your uncle, suddenly we’re living under a coalition government.

Fear not, I’m not going to discuss politics (I’ll leave that to the other pundits out there who are frantically analysing every tiny gesture and utterance the CamClegg camp are making).

The uncertainty and radical regime change at Westminster has made me try to imagine what it must be like to have such an adrenalin-charged job. One things for sure, if it was me walking in any Cabinet-bound shoes, I’d be clinging onto my three tried-and-tested de-stressing hobbies – walking, baking and dancing – more than ever.

Let’s take walking. I didn’t take this up as a hobby until I moved up to Sheffield just over three years ago. Growing up in flat-as-a-pancake Essex, then spending most of my adult life in congested London, I’d never experienced the benefits of spending any length of time striding around any countryside, let alone traversing various peaks of ‘wilderness’ or wandering through a windswept, beautifully-bleak Yorkshire landscape.

Now I couldn’t imagine life without regular doses of this simple but serene pleasure. In fact, I’d go so far as to say walking keeps me ‘grounded’ (to coin a cringe-worthy American-style phrase).

Gym treadmills? You can keep them. Once you’re out in the Peaks, you might as well be a kid in the greatest of rugged playgrounds – and what’s even more amazing is this delight is for everyone, whatever your age, and what’s more it’s as free as the air.

So until next week, keep those feet grounded!


Comments on: "Stress? Just give it the boot" (5)

  1. Castleton is the best walk ’round here, but I’m keen on Endcliffe Park (and the inevitable wandering through Bingham Park, which might end up in a few panic attacks).

    Also, walking to crookes uphill every single day is amazingly healthy!

  2. marie teather said:

    Castleton is lovely. I also used to love camping in Edale and walking up the Penine Way.

    What a lovely article – has made me imagine fresh air and the smell of heather while I’m sat here in London. Would love to be there now.

  3. Rebecca said:

    You know I’m going to say it: I am dead jealous. The peaks are the most beautiful part of the UK.

  4. Liz Mellors said:

    What are you doing lunchtime on saturday 29th May – I know a great pub and lovely if challenging walk if you’re up for it?

    No worries if your busy we can try for a weekend after I come back from Dublin – lovely blog [as always]

    take care xx

  5. Jen Marsden said:

    This is so true. There is something about being in the great outdoors that is calming yet energising. Perfect cure for the craziness that is day-to-day life.


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