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MissieCindz at Bar & Grill, Sheffield

Dining out for a proper grown-up midweek lunch isn’t something I often have the pleasure of doing so when I was invited to sample the recently-launched Summer menu at Bar & Grill Sheffield, in the city centre’s Leopold Square, I wasn’t exactly backwards in coming forwards.

Having already enjoyed one of the famed Bar & Grill steaks, during a slap-up birthday dinner night out earlier this year, [as the name suggests it’s an eaterie which has largely built its menu on quality meat, meat and more meat], I decided to go for a dish that was both lighter and a taster of the more diverse offering now available on Bar & Grill’s new menu – brixton roast hake, served with salsa verde, new potatoes and green beans. I wasn’t disappointed – the dish showcased a succulent & hearty portion of fish, with delicately-seasoned veg.

My dining companions, two Twitter pals, social media consultant Mark Longbottom of Design 58 (@design58) and Cindy Cheung, AKA local food blogger & champion @MissieCindz, both opted for no-fuss carnivore options, steak and pork chop – and there were soon clean plates all round.

For dessert, I plumped for chocolate hazelnut tart, with cream anglaise – a rich, dense pudding which stayed on the right side of stodginess and captured a lovely balance between sweet nuttiness and bitter dark chocolate.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart at the Bar & Grill

I wanted to blog about my meal this week as we’re in the middle of a rather special seven days for Sheffield’s food scene, as the city is holding its second Sheffield Food & Drink Festival.

As a result there’s a staggering level of waist-expanding events, deals, and offers taking place all over the city – and my fellow diner at Bar & Grill, MissieCindz, has set herself a unique foodie challenge over this period; to only eat food produced or sourced in Sheffield during the festival. As she says, she’s eating herself to a size Sheffield!

To find out more about MissieCindz’s food challenge click here

For more on the Sheffield Food and Drink Festival 2011, visit:


Comments on: "Food review: Bar & Grill, Sheffield" (3)

  1. Fantastic food and company andhope to do it all again soon, have a great week Stella 🙂

  2. Hi Stella,

    I too had the pleasure in been ‘wined and dined’ in the Bar & Grill recently – my first ever visit – and the meal and company was superb! Definitely on the list of ‘must visit again’.

    As for the Food Festival, went to Fusion yesterday – what a fantastic special menu this week!

  3. Sheffield Food mission completed!! Last week was such an amazing experience Stella (I’ve not eaten out in 8 days! can you believe it? – being a regular ‘eating out kinda girl’ – i wasn’t used to cooking at home, but you know what? I really enjoyed it and amazed myself with my culinary skills!

    I’m looking forward to my next visit to B&G and this time I will make sure I DO NOT ram that piece of pork chop down my throat! 🙂 Hope to see everyone soon…Missie Cindz has been revamped too (a makeover! wink wink)

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