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Yes, you read right. Do not adjust your screens folks. After over 11 rollercoaster years of being a sole trader [journalist > copywriter > blogger > PR > social media consultant. Phew!] I’m thrilled to announce I have been appointed in a full time permanent job, which begins next month.

My new role is Social Media and Content Manager of – already one of the most trusted online medical information and support websites in the UK. Exciting changes and developments are ahead for this brand in 2012 and beyond.

My base remains here in wonderful Sheffield and over the next few weeks I’ll be revamping and removing the ‘business’ aspect to this site – turning it back into its original incarnation as a lifestyle blog, created just for fun & hopefully to inspire, inform and entertain.

I anticipate I’ll be sharing my thoughts/ideas/photos focused on my interests, including food, culture, Sheffield life, plus now and then I’ll talk about branding, social media, the art of storytelling in communications et al.

So this isn’t really a goodbye post…just a THANK YOU to everyone, whether you’re a current or former client, collaborator, like-minded business, fellow media or creative type, for supporting me and my business in so many ways.

In future, I’ll still be tweeting under @stellamedia. Plus, I’ll continue to provide social media content for the Sheffield Culture, under my freelance role for Sheffield City Council.

So don’t forget to keep me posted on any cultural/creative/sport etc info that’s Sheffield-related to me by emailing:, tweeting news to @sheffculture [or sharing with the Twitter community via #sheffculture] or posting relevant info on the ‘Sheffield City of Culture’ Facebook page.

Farewell for now dear readers…and see you on the other side! ;0


Comments on: "Farewell to self-employment, hello again to the stellamedia blog…" (14)

  1. Congratulations 🙂 x

  2. Good for you! The important thing is you’re happy doing what you do every day. At least you’ll get your evenings and weekends back!

  3. 😦 I can’t believe that one of the most inspiring, talented and unusual entrepreneurs I know is leaving the world of self-employment and business endeavours. Thank you Stella, without you we wouldn’t have Kreative Factory in the shape and form it is today. Good luck Queen of Content.

  4. Congratulations on securing the permanent role!

  5. Congratulations. Fab times ahead I’m sure x

  6. Hey Stella,

    All the best with your career move (you’ll have to ignore my request on Twitter!).

    Speak soon,


  7. Congratulations Stella and best of luck! You’ll be great! x

  8. Good luck in your new job. Many thanks for introducing me to the world of business networking.

  9. Sounds great, let us all know what a regular income feels like!! What about Network Hub?? Will you still be involved with that?? Be good to see you at those events + will keep in touch on Twitter…

    • stellamedia said:

      Thanks everyone for your amazing messages! Makes wonderful reading 😉 Mark to answer your question, I think I will be stepping down from organising NH and leave in the capable hands of Mr Smith, but will definitely be coming as a guest whenever my new schedule allows. Plus yes, I’ll still be on Twitter in the guise of stellamedia of course…

  10. Congrats on the new job and I can’t wait to read your new blog posts.

  11. Well done ,and can i mention Chesterfield and the peak wellness network and Local health professional as great sources of Blog posts and expertees for your future post !!! Good luck and keep in touch !! Karen x

  12. Congratulations! xx

  13. Congratulations Stella, hope you enjoy your new role – looking forward to hearing all about it via Twitter and the blog!

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